NVC Mentoring

About NVC Mentoring

Nonviolent Communication Mentoring is an interactive process that takes place between an individual and Kat on the phone or by video. The mentoring process affords a clear process of assessment, goal setting, and ongoing practice inspired by NVC consciousness.

Kat uses a combination of empathy and NVC education to help clients take action to more fully use their natural strengths and develop the areas where growth and integration of Nonviolent Communication skills are desired. By working with situations that apply specifically to your life experience and your relationships, the learning is greatly intensified.

For more information, please read below.

To request a no-cost exploratory call with Kat, please submit THIS FORM.


Typical Mentoring Objectives

  • Identify short, medium and long term objectives with regards to understanding, cultivating and integrating NVC consciousness and skills in daily life
  • Support you to bring relevant material to the calls and track your direction and progress
  • Support you in maintaining your own Empathy support, including “Empathy Buddy” and “Empathy Medic” relationships
  • Create and monitor agreements or “homework” to support real-life integration
  • Model Empathic Listening and Honest Expression
  • Encourage you to provide feedback at all stages in order to best support mutual growth


Getting Started
To request mentoring with kat, we invite you to submit a Mentoring Request Form. The information you provide will support Kat's understanding of your desire to engage with her as a mentee. Once you fill out the form, Kat will contact you via email to schedule a no-cost exploratory dialogue. In this first dialogue (usually 30-40 minutes), you will discuss your mentoring goals, review the logistic aspects about your mentoring partnership, decide if you would like to work with Kat, and finalize your enrollment in NVC mentoring.

Cost and Number of Sessions
The current rate for mentoring sessions is $60 for a 30min session and $120 for 60min session. During your no-cost exploratory dialogue, you will discuss the duration and frequency of your calls and agree on the number of sessions to support your integration. The agreement is subject to review and modification at any time based on your or your mentor's needs. Please give at least a 24 hour notice if you need to cancel a scheduled session.